Membership is at the heart of Modern Wine Club and brings many benefits:

  • First Allocation of Wines: Quality backdoor deals with boutique wineries are in limited supply and our members get first allocations when we source new wines. Many of the best offers we source never make it onto our web site either because our members acquire all available bottles from our mailing list or because the suppliers ask us to keep the offers secret. As such, this web site is only the tip of the iceberg of what happens in the club.
  • Member Pricing for Wines: Our members benefit from the lower member tier pricing compared to non-members. Currently most bottles of wine receive $10 off/bottle for members. Members also have the option to make wire transfer payments for an additional 3% price reduction from the prices listed on the web.
  • Invitation to Special Events: Members benefit from invitations to special events such as wine tastings and wine dinners.
  • Membership Fees: The membership fee is currently USD 300 per year


Modern Wine Club

Receive discounts on almost all wine bottles and the benefits listed above