Modern Wine Club versus Amazon


# **Modern Wine Club versus Amazon** During this past weekend, we were casually browsing through the selection of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines on Amazon Singapore and we came across a wine that we also offer: The **[2018 Silver Ghost](**, a moderately priced original brand wine with grapes sourced under NDAs from different vineyards across Rutherford, Yountville and Calistoga. As of 24 August 2021, Amazon Prime sells this wine to you for SGD 129.97 with delivery the next day. Amazon The so called "on demand" economy is much lauded these days with web sites and "super apps" offering a wide variety of products and services for almost instant delivery. The thesis of companies in this "on demand" economy is that customers are impatient and that they want the convenience of being able to order whatever they want at the touch of a button and that they don't want to wait for delivery. Sounds good doesn't it? However, there is a catch. This "on demand" service often comes at a steep price to consumers and this is little talked about and often not transparent. Let's compare what we offer **[2018 Silver Ghost](** for below: MWC Someone who is a member of Modern Wine Club, gets a case of 2018 Silver Ghost for USD 27 per bottle plus our USD 22 handling fee for logistics to Singapore, alcohol excise duty, GST and last mile delivery. That is a USD 49 per bottle landed price and if members pay within 2 weeks, they get 3% credit back effectively making the price USD 47.53 = SGD 65. So those who are willing to be a little patient with getting their wine, and either purchase a case of the wine for themselves or pool their purchase with a friend, can enjoy exactly the same wine that Amazon sells at SGD 129.97 for next day delivery for only SGD 65 from Modern Wine Club. You read that right. We offer a path for our members to drink the exact same wine at half the price. We are many who think it might be a little rich to open a bottle of wine for SGD 130 in front of Netflix on a Monday night while SGD 65 feels a lot more reasonable for everyday drinking. And this brings one of Jeff Bezos' quotes to mind: coverimage Imagine source available **[here](**. At Modern Wine Club, we offer you a pathway to drink the exact same wine at half the price compared to if you order it from Amazon. With Modern Wine Club, it does take a bit of patience as reefer container shipping lines are currently stretched to the breaking point and if you don't want a full case of the wine yourself, it takes a bit of coordination to pool purchases with a friend or two. But isn't that worth it for the chance to get the exact same bottle of wine at half price? Our contrarian thesis is that the total market is big enough to accommodate both the impatient ones willing to pay double the price for next day delivery and those who are willing to wait for the opportunity to drink the exact same wine at half the price. For those of you intrigued by the "cost of convenience", we encourage you to check out the below articles on how this is impacting your personal finances for different purchases than wine: - **[The True Cost of Convenience](** - **[The Hidden Cost of Convenience](** - **[The Cost of Convenience](** - **[The Price of Convenience](** Being contrarian has never been easy. But as you have seen above, by reconfiguring the standard wine operating model, we have a genuine value proposition saving our members hard-earned cash. There is strength in numbers so if you aren't already a member, we encourage you to sign up on **[](**.